Membership benefits


Access to soft loans without collateral and limitations for our members with good standing. We give out loans to members to start or expand their businesses.

Free financial Consultation

We understand the importance of financial education. Therefore, we are extending a hand to educate our members on financial literacy and business development.

Skill acquisition and empowerment

Acquiring skills in this present age cannot be overemphasized. We implore our members to partake in various skill acquisition training organized by the cooperative, and at the end, we assist and help set up business in the line of trade or skill acquired by members.

Business Grants

We give grants to members on business ideas to fund their dreams. This would be based on extensive research into the business and at the total discretion of the cooperative.

Auto Financing

We help our members acquire vehicles for personal or business use. With easy repayment plan for up to 2years.

Consumer shop

As a member you get access to consumer goods most especially food items at discounted prices.

Land Acquisition support.

As part of our numerous benefits as a society is helping you acquire your dream home. We offer a land acquisition scheme for members through installment payment after an initial 30% percent down payment with a repayment plan of up to 12months.

Electronic & Machinery Acquisition support

Members don't have to break the bank to purchase electronics items or machinery. All members on the IPPIS platform get access to equipment financing and they can spread the repayment for up to 12 months.

Annual General Meeting

As an inclusive organization, our annual general meeting is where we discuss our performance for the fiscal year, a retrospective session with all our members noting what we've done for the year and also what we hope to achieve in the coming year. We encourage members to join so they can be fully involved and be conversant with any policy change and happenings in the society.